Urban Viking

Just after the romantic Midsummer eve holiday, hundreds of Vikings are gathered in Höllviken, Sweden. Near the affluent residential area in Höllviken, a small but dedicated group of urban vikings are moving in to the viking village, Foteviken. Germans, americans, australians – people from countries all around the world – come together during one week and devote themselves to reenactment, which is to recreate a historical event as authentic as possible. Next to Foteviken there is a big city mall, just at the same place where The Battle of Foteviken took place 888 years ago.

Even if the aim is to live, eat och sleep as the vikings did during the Viking Age, sometimes it is hard to not get tempted by the services and groceries of our present time. Therefore, during this week, the locals are used to go shopping with women wearing swords and eat burgers with men in viking helmets. The Viking culture has never been more popular than it is today. More and more people in Sweden, but also people abroad, has started to get a bigger interest in the Ancient history of Sweden. For example, the members of the Viking Association in Sweden are increasing every year.