Istok Jeza is a truckdriver. His life is divided between the European highways and his family in the Slovenian town Pagersko. Two days and nights each week is spent with his his wife Vlaska and their two sons, Benjamin and Vojklo. The rest of the week are he driving through Europe, from east and west, in his white MAN-truck. During those days the cabin is his bedroom, living room – and workplace.

His friends are his collegues, which he talks to through the crackly two ways radio. Occasionally they meet at trailer parks, to eat breakfast or dining together. In Pagersko, Benjamin, the youngest son, dreams of living the same life that his father Istok does. Everyone in the Jeza family says that they are happy and satisfied with their life. If that is despite – or thanks to – Istok’s trucker life remains unsaid.

Part of the book ”Berätta inte för någon”, 2007