Albino – In the shadow of the sun

The believing in witchcraft has cursed a small part of the population of Tanzania, Africa. The legend tells that a limb from the body of an albino gives luck to the miner who enters the goldmine. Due to the widespread folklore albinos, mostly children, are murdered and their body parts sold to superstitious businessmen.

Above that, they live in a country that is ruled by the sun. Skin cancer is a common cause of death among the albinos. These circumstances, and the fact that their skin colour differs from the norm, the albino population are doomed to a life in solitude. In the midst of the tragedy there are also laughter and spirit of hope. The albino people in Tanzania are organizing. The are refusing to let the murderers continue unnoticed.

Released 2009
The book was nominated to the Swedish award Best photo book of the year 2009.

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