The Outskirt

The outskirt is made in the spirit of the Swedish documentary photographer – and honorary member of Moment – Sune Jonsson, a constant inspiration for Johan’s work. The ongoing project depicts the everyday life of people living in the rural areas of Northern Sweden – the very same area Jonsson shot his photos of small farmers and people living in the outskirt of northern Sweden, fifty years ago.

Today, as a result of the ungoing urbanization, 85% of the Swedish population lives in the big cities. Many houses on the northern countryside are standing empty and elderly dominates the demographics. This has led to a depressing and onesided depiction of the northern parts of Sweden.

But, despite this development, there are many who feel a strong identification with their homeland, and who can not imagine moving elsewhere. The love of the nature and the pride of their roots are keeping them from moving.

With The outskirt Johan Bävman wants to broader the context and share another side of Norrland and the everyday life of people living there. A life that involves love and friendship, and pride of their work and their native place.

The Outskirt is a part of the book ”Scandinavian Moments”.
Released in 2014.

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